Finding the best in every student

Our mission at Next Door Tutors is simple: help students actualize their academic goals by providing a tutoring program tailored to their unique learning style. We believe in a "Near-Peer" model that matches high school students with highly qualified college students. This enables our tutors to empathize with your student's workload and academic environment while enabling them to reach higher levels of academic achievement. By actively fostering sincere, supportive relationships, our tutors ensure that students feel confident enough to confront their challenges head-on and overcome any obstacles in their way. Next Door Tutors' greatest asset is our ability to instill values in students that will serve them both inside and outside the walls of academic institutions. Hard work, integrity, and drive are the fundamental characteristics of success, and our tutors are trained to nurture these attributes in each student.

For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today by reaching out to mynextdoortutors@gmail.com.





As a Junior at Brown University, Matt is majoring in Computer Science and Economics. His love for Computer Science and Economics is rooted in his passion for mathematics. Matt has been working since 2015 to help students improve their test-taking skills, abilities, and confidence. Matt has prior experience at a Venture Capital firm, Thrive Capital, as well as reporting directly to the CEO of an operating firm, Atlas Devices. Furthermore, having founded another client-based startup in 2017, Schedulo LLC, Matt stresses the importance of exceeding client expectations.



Currently a Junior at New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Nick is pursuing a degree in Behavioral Economics. With a minor in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies, Nick seeks to help students lead successful, meaningful lives. During the year, Nick teaches an encompassing health education curriculum to students of thirty students in under-served New York public schools. Before Next Door Tutors, Nick has worked in the Institutional Specialties department of Capital One and for EPG Inc., an investment and asset-liability management firm.



Andrew is a Junior at Brown University studying Behavioral Decision Sciences, a concentration that focuses on the psychological and economic motivations of consumers. At Next Door Tutors, Andrew calls on his academic and work experience to drive client acquisition and maintain positive relationships with students and parents. In 2016, Andrew helped develop an AI at AdmitHub that assists high school students through the college application process and as co-founder of Schedulo LLC, Andrew led a team that developed a web-based scheduling platform for high school students.



Ben is a Junior at Brown University. He is studying Computer Science and is also taking Entrepreneurship and East Asian Studies classes. He has been a local ACT and high school subject tutor for the past 5 years and is currently a TA for Brown’s most popular computer science class. Ben has also had prior experience in entrepreneurship, namely through FeelGoodColony: a lifestyle clothing brand that he founded with the purpose of saving the world’s marine life. He was inspired to co-found Next Door Tutors by seeing the unparalleled impact that he and other college tutors were having on their local students and wanting to make that opportunity available to students all over the country.


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