Frequently Asked Questions

Which tutor will I be matched with?

After reaching out to Next Door Tutors, our team will match you with a tutor that can help your student meet their specific goals. If you have a tutor from our company in mind, let us know and we can try to accommodate your request.

How much do tutoring sessions cost?

The price for tutoring depends on the subject requested and the length of each session. Please reach out to us through the Contact section of our website for an exact quote.

Where do the tutoring sessions take place?

Next Door Tutors offers in-home tutoring for all of our customers. If you prefer to meet elsewhere or are interested in online sessions, just let our team know.

What can tutors help me with?

Our tutors specialize in a variety of subjects ranging from elementary school difficulty to college-level coursework. For more information, please visit the Services section of our website.

Can I have more than one student in a tutoring session?

Absolutely! We adjust prices per each extra student at a discount. 


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